Formed in 2014 and consisting of scene legends ​Chris Dodge​ (Spazz, ex-Despise You, ex-Infest, etc.), ​Phil Vera​ (Crom, Despise You, ex-(16)-) and ​Ryan Harkins​ (co-owner of popular heavy metal themed burger joint Grill Em’ All, ex-Killed In Action), ​TRAPPIST ​have one clear mission, to annihilate the listener with a storm of d-beat, crust punk, powerviolence, and hardcore all in the name of BEER (their name gives a nod to the Trappist or abbey ales brewed by Cistercian monks in [mostly] Belgium)! Picture Discharge style punk and Xeroxed WWII photos with bombs replaced by beer bottles, cans, and kegs.

The first single from ​TRAPPIST​, “No Corporate Beer”, was hailed by Decibel Magazine as “a pit-churning blast against macrobrews and the sheep who drink them”.

TRAPPIST ​are currently recording their as of yet untitled debut full-length titled at guitarist Phil Vera’s Veracuda Studios in Los Angeles. A Spring 2018 release is expected via Relapse.

Additionally, ​TRAPPIST ​host a regular podcast called “Hour Of The Barbarian” where they drink beer and ramble on about recent trips, tours, shows, food, fucked-up experiences, reminisce on some of the best stories from their previous bands and worldly travels. Listen to the podcast.

TRAPPIST is: Chris Dodge – Bass, Vocals, Brewing Phil Vera – Guitars, Vocals, Fermentation Ryan Harkins – Drums, Vocals, Bottling