Formed in 2013 across two continents and three countries, TAU CROSS are a veteran punk/metal collective spearheaded by bassist / frontman Rob "The Baron" Miller of the legendary crust/punk band Amebix. Featuring the pummeling talents of Voivod drummer Michel "Away" Langevin, and members of cult crust outfits Misery and War//Plague, TAU CROSS​ presents a unique musical approach, ranging from dark folk witchery to industrial brutalism. A melting pot of Killing Joke, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Joy Division, the band take their music to uncharted territories as they heavily lean on an infusion of 16th century English mysticism.

TAU CROSS’ self-titled debut was recorded in 2014 and released via Relapse Records in May 2015 to widespread critical reception including an inclusion on Rolling Stone's Top 3 Metal Albums of the Year list. TAU CROSS​ may have set a high standard for its first record, but if the band has proven anything so far, it’s that it’s incredibly skilled at meeting – and exceeding – expectations. TAU CROSS​ made their live debut performance in 2016 in North America, followed by a special mainstage performance at the legendary Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands. TAU CROSS followed up their self-titled offering with their second full-length Pillars of Fire in 2017.

Now in 2019, TAU CROSS return with their third full-length titled Messengers of Deception. Recorded at Signaturetone Studios and mastered by Adam Tucker (Thou, False), TAU CROSS expand on their trademark dark, infectious guitar-driven epics across 54 esoteric minutes. Ripping tracks such as “Burn with Me”, “Sidhe”, and the driving title track see TAU CROSS cross the rubicon and dissect stories past down through thousand years of manipulation. Topics range from Gnostic Cosmology, Elizabethan and neo Platonic magic, the Ultraterrestrial hypothesis (as outlined through the works of Jacques Vallee & John Keel) and more. TAU CROSS synthesize these ideas and distill them into a dark, turbulent sonic odyssey, questioning the means through which our existence is manipulated by outsiders. Prepare for Messengers of Deception, a true journey into the unknown!


Rob ‘The Baron’ Miller – Bass, Vocals
Andy Lefton – Guitar
Jon Misery – Guitar
Michel ‘Away’ Langevin – Drums
Tom Radlo - Bass
James Adams - Keyboards